Silent workout or yoga videos
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Any recommendations for work outs or yoga videos on Youtube that don't rely on the sound being on to be understood?

That's it, that's the whole tweet.
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Oh, must be on youtube, no apps.
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And I guess now that I'm thinking about it more, not where like the person is talking and talking and talking and you can put them on mute and read the subtitles. I mean ones where the person isn't talking, they just expect you to follow along, or maybe what they're doing is written on the screen in big simple words. Does such a thing exist?
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There is a yoga with Adrienne video that is office yoga and has no talking, but it is only 10 mins if that.
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I think this video on Yoga with Adriene’s channel fits your criteria.
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The Adrienne desk yoga video mentioned above is perfect. More like this please!
posted by bleep at 3:14 PM on December 31, 2018

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