Tricep exercises and proper form
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What are your favorite exercises that target the triceps? I prefer exercises that are bodyweight or use dumbbells/a chair/a bench. Resistance bands are okay, too. When linking, *please direct me to any videos or diagrams online that demonstrate proper form*. Thank you!
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Here's one I've done.
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Lying dumbbell pullover is one of my favorites.
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triceps chair dip
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I've done a lot of triceps exercises, and while I like dips probably second-best, they can be a little hard on my shoulders (especially if I don't have a perfect setup for them), and the very best results I've gotten is by doing overhead press. Dumbbells work great, it'll also hit your core and delts, and man, I have never had the distinct horseshoe triceps except when I'm working OHP hard.
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+1 standing overhead press, also called strict press to distinguish it from, e.g., push press. I unfortunately can't evaluate videos for you because I only know how to do it standing and with a barbell, but ExRx is generally a reliable source.

Also, diamond grip pushup.

In general, ExRx is a good resource because it lists exercises by the muscles they work and includes videos and some information about variations, scaling, form, etc.
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I haven't lifted in many years, but I used to have one exercise that everybody would ask me about.

Basically, do the standing dumbbell press, horizontally: Feet on floor, laying across a bench with shoulders on bench. Both hands on the flat inside of one side of a dumbbell with the weight above your chest. Lower the weight such that your arms are in plane with your torso, then bend your elbows so the weight is even lower.

Now straighten your elbows, but don't think of it as straightening your elbows. Try to get the weight as far away from your head as possible. It's very weird but thinking this way activates your muscles in a very different manner.
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