Looking for bumper/bull bar recommendations for a 2005 4Runner SR5
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I have a 2007 SR5 with a stock bumper and I'm looking to get something a little more durable up front.

My main concerns are: recovery/pulling attachment points, attachment point for a winch, and help against deer strikes.

I know the last one seems a bit odd but in the areas I drive regularly it's extremely common to hit deer. Several of my coworkers have had their cars smashed up by deer leaping out onto the road. I look at it as "Even if it only happens once, any money I spent on a bumper will be justified when I don't have to have my car towed with a deer's head planted in the engine block."

I've read that brush guards are. by and large, useless and I'm not really concerned about looks, I'm getting this for utility rather than aesthetics.

What are my options?
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ARB makes the best one - designed to work with the airbag system. It's steel though, so you'll want to consider upgrading the suspension with better springs.

Tacomaworld is a good resource - the 4th gen T4R and Tacoma share a lot of the same parts.
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Basically, everything Pogo_Fuzzybutt says. Most of the aftermarket bumpers are heavy, especially when you add on a winch, so figure suspension replacement into your overall costs. If you are also adding skid plates and other items, weigh your truck before and after; you can easily end up over the manufacturer's weight limits just with accessories.

designed to work with the airbag system

Opinions vary, but for me this would be a mandatory criteria, and would disqualify most of the options people are selling.
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