What live sports worldwide can I stream free with my VPN?
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I am based in the U.S. but have a VPN. I enjoy watching live sports, especially various football codes (soccer, rugby, Aussie rules, Gaelic or Canadian football) and snooker, but other things too. Top flight competition is fine, but I enjoy minor league events as well: in the last few weeks I've streamed 3. Liga matches on German public television and a Welsh-language broadcast of Welsh Premiership Rugby via the BBC iPlayer, for instance. What kinds of other free but perhaps geographically restricted sports broadcasts could I be enjoying?
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Australia's summer of tennis literally kicked off today. For the next month or so you get all the pre tournaments plus the aus open. There's a shit tonne of cricket on the teevs here at the moment as well. Too hot for football, I'm afraid!
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It's not too hot for certain types of Australian football!! You can watch full W-League and A-League games and livestreams (Australia's women's and men's soccer) on the My Football channel on YouTube, if you live in a country that hasn't purchased the rights ;)
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Once cycling season gets underway... cycling. There's really nothing like the Spring Classic races, which run more or less from late February through April.
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