Help me find my holy grail headphones (w/mic)
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My latest pair of headphones (earbuds) have crapped out and I need a replacement. Since I bought that pair, the wireless trend seems to have taken over, making it that much harder to find what I want. Can you help recommend a pair of wired, in-ear, Android-compatible headphones that fits my apparently outdated needs?

My platonic ideal of headphones work well for listening to music and taking calls, and meet all of the following criteria:

- In-ear (preferably with multiple tip options to get the right fit)
- Wired (yes I still have a phone with a headphone jack)
- Noise-isolating (not noise-cancelling, as I can't be fussed with recharging or replacing batteries--so the Bose QCs everyone loves are out)
- Have an Android-compatible mic (It's OK if the volume buttons don't work with Android as long as the mic does)
- Very good sound quality for rock music and podcasts
- Reasonably durable
- Under $200

The pair I'm replacing are 1More Triple Drivers, and I wasn't happy with the sound or build quality so don't want to get them again. My previous pair were RHA T10is, and I loved them until the adjustable part of the wires that goes over the ears lost the ability to hold their shape. Lacking other options, I may go with the RHAs again, but I'm hoping there's something else out there I'm missing!

I've seen the Wirecutter recs, but they're all either Bose QCs or brands I've never heard of, so would appreciate some corroboration if you agree with their top picks.
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Shure SE215s would be my first choice - I just (re)bought a version with a bluetooth cable, but I've owned the wired version in the past. They're pretty bulletproof, and the sound isolation is good.
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How about the Bose Soundsport wired for android? I have a pair for iOS and like them.
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I’ve been happy with my Thinksounds (on iOS, maybe a lower price bracket than what you’re looking for).
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Second on the Thinksounds. Love the sound quality and durability.
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Etymotic hits all those notes, though my mic-less mc5's cable housing frayed near both earpieces after a year of daily commuting use. Consider these HF3's which are an upgrade, or the mc3's once it's back in stock.
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I'm still loving the previous Wirecutter pick from few years back, the Sony xba-c10. They are only produced in Japan now, but are easy to find on eBay. Plus they aren't super expensive. They are also quite durable, I've been using them moderately for 5 years or more.
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I like the JLab Audio JBuds as the little flappy thing helps keep them in my ear. Works great with my Samsung phone.
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