Help me find the perfect hot wheels travel set!
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My son has become obsessed with hot wheels cars. I’d like something I can pack in our go bag for restaurants, grandma’s house etc. which will let us store a few cars inside it for transport then have some sort of play feature when we arrive.

The Cars movie Mack hauler is the right idea but much too big for easy travel. He also has a matchbox boat which is, again, right idea but much too large. My must-have features:

- Can store at least one car inside. Space for 3ish cars is better but one at least
- Some sort of door or hatch or something which opens and closes. He likes opening doors for some reason :-)
- A ramp or track or some kind of play feature, however minimal
- It can make sounds or not, I am not particular there
- Uses regular cars, not ‘mini’ ones as he’s only two years old

I know of hot wheels and matchbox, but I’m not really sure what else to search for, and even with these brands, I haven’t found anything with a preliminary search. Grateful for any recommendations!
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Hot Wheels Race Case Track Set
holds cars and has a pair of short tracks.
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One of your search terms is "Sto and Go". They have one collapsible building and one car that stows inside the building when collapsed. Another is "portable hot wheels". Most of these are discontinued so you'll have to look on ebay or elsewhere to find vintage sets. For example:
Ferrari Dealership
Bigger garage
Here is a StarWars case that opens up to a play set with cars.
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