Roman Forum tour recommendations
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We’d like a tour of the Forum when we’re in Rome next month. Do you have recommendations?

There are many companies/guides that offer this. We’d like to hear your recommendations. (There are two of us. We don’t need a private tour.)
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The one piece of advice I would have is go in the morning - when the forum closes, they are serious about getting everyone out 15 minutes ahead of time, so if you want ANY time to explore on your own you won't get it.
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When mr dbmcd and I toured the forum/Colosseum, we booked through Expedia (Things to Do) - Walks of Italy. Our tour also included the Palatine hill. Our guide was really wonderful (a Roman native, and historian), and the tour was fairly small (about 15 people or so). I'm pretty sure we used this one:
Walks of Italy
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Mrs. BBB and I used Romaexperience for a tour of the Colossem/Palantine Hill/Forum, and it was great.
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If you're cool with self-guided tours, definitely check out the Detour app (also available on Android). They're self-guided audio tours that are more immersive than others I've tried. They are narrated by expert locals, include things like going into physical places (i.e. go into this bookstore and check out these relevant posters related to your tour), syncing with friends on the same walk, and letting you keep your phone in your pocket to better enjoy the sights. There's one for the Forum, and we tried a few others while in Rome that were also pretty fun and very informative. Way better than the 'free' walking tour we took with a gaggle of randos.
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