Motherfucking kidney stones
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All the kidney stones, oh how they plague me.

About four weeks ago I had invasive surgery through my back to remove a 5cm staghorn kidney stones. It truly sucked. The only good thing about that experience was the vanilla pudding they gave me in hospital. A week post-op, I felt a v bad pain from the area of my incision site, and soon after started leaking fluid from said incision. Basically, I was peeing through a hole in my back. Apparently the stent that was inserted into my ureter became dislodged somehow and jacked things all up. 24 hours later, things started to settle down and I didn’t have to change my clothes every half hour anymore (you know, because of the pee streaming from my back, down my legs, etc.) so that was cool. But still icky.
Had the bad stent removed two weeks ago and a new one put in. My surgeon - almost gleefully, I could cheerfully have murdered him - showed me another TWO DOZEN little stones that tumbled out of me whilst removing the bad stent. Then, last week I was away on business and in my crummy Marriott hotel room, I popped out a few more, mid-pee.
I kinda thought the surgery last month was going to be making all this go away. I guess not. Anyone else out there taking similar extreme measures to rid yourself of these tiny terrible renal rocks? And still having shit go wrong?
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Jesus tapdancing Christ. I'm sorry!!!!!

My stone surgery was not as complicated as yours but you do not mention diagnosis and prevention, so just making sure, did your urologist do a 48 hour urine collection and send to the lab to diagnose why you are getting them, and how to prevent? (I ask because the first time I had them, I got no such followup care, thanks shitty emergency room.) In my most recent incident, I got the lab done, and eventually was told I could prevent them from re-forming by doubling the amount of water I was drinking. Some people need to avoid certain foods, etc.; it depends on what your stone was made of...

Heal up fast! Godspeed!
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I had that complication after my surgery to remove a giant ass stone (15cm!) The wound broke open on my back and ...ugh.

Yeah, I drink water like it's my job now.
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I was getting them a couple of times a year recently (though I've gotten them off for the last 15 years). I live in a house with super hard water and I switched to only drinking water that I've filtered through one of those PUR fridge containers, on a tip from my uncle who also gets them and switched to drinking only bottled water. I also seriously increased the amount of water I drink. It been a couple of years and so far so good.
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A friend who had serious kidney stones was prescribed powdered citric acid to mix with water which he drank after every meal (i think every meal; only saw this personally at dinners at his house) for prevention. Perhaps ask your doctor if this is worth it and if there are any health risks or complications with other meds you might be taking. A web search for “citric acid kidney stones” (without quotes) turns up a lot of links from reputable sources about this.
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I researched filtration pitchers earlier this year. The "Zero Water" brand is apparently the only one that filters out hexachromium. If that's a likely pollutant in your area, you might want to look at that brand.

My brother had to reduce his cola intake to prevent kidney stones.
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They gave me a bunch of dietary advice, mostly the “don’t eat this” variety. After thirty years of ignoring most of it, I have no more kidney stones. But, like another poster, I drink ALL THE WATER. Seriously, I will drink probably 5 or 6 quarts of water (some in the form of coffee or ... other fluids) every day.

When another person I know had stones, they did some urine collection studies to make dietary and other recommendations. If they haven’t done something like that, maybe time for a second opinion (and a new doctor)? Because your experience sounds doubleplus ungood. Be well.
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It sounds like you have more of a problem than just not drinking enough water. I would find out what the things are built from, and not eat that.

Mine are calcium oxalate. Your stones may vary, but these are things I have to avoid ingesting:

Nuts of any kind, including peanuts
Tomato sauce
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Get your stones analysed. Calcium oxalate in my stones caused me to quit tea, spinach, rhubarb, and a few other things. The doctor agreed that I should be drinking beer. Although, I should also prefer water.

My last stones were when I was doing demolition work in the summer, and just could not drink enough to keep the stones away. Drink water.
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A little lemon juice in the water is supposed to help. Gives it some flavor, too.
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Have you had the stones analyzed? Aside from All The Water, recommendations are heavily dependent on the type of stone. And stone recommendations can vary widely from one another, so it's important to figure out what you're working with.
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