How do 'sacrifices' work in Unstable Unicorns?
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Santa brought 'Unstable Unicorns', and there was some disagreement about how certain cards could be played.

Specifically, "Stabby the Unicorn" says "if this card is sacrificed or destroyed, you may destroy a unicorn card". It was unclear to us whether someone with the Stabby card in their stable could choose to sacrifice it as an action during their turn, or if they had to wait until another card forced them to make a sacrifice.

If you are an experienced unicorn wrangler, how do you interpret this card?
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Stabby cannot sacrifice itself.
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I agree. If it Stabby could sacrifice itself the text would read, "Sacrifice this card and destroy a unicorn card." or something similar.
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The key is the passive voice. If YOU are allowed to do the action, it will state it. Otherwise, it is an action done to you. Here is info from the Discord, where the creators answer questions about rules:

Hey all question. Can you sacrifice stabby the unicorn at any time if he is in your stable or does. It have to be triggered by say a glitter bomb

@Dkpheonix it has to be triggered. Some card texts allow for themselves to be sacrificed but Stabby says "If this card is sacrificed or destroyed, you may DESTROY a Unicorn." The "If" is in response to it being chosen as the target of a sacrifice or destroy effect.
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