Mitski's Horse Named Cold Air
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Looking for songs like Mitski's Horse Named Cold Air.

I don't have the musical background to even know what it is about this song...but it evokes such stark, haunting, wind-swept emotion that I'd like to find others. The closest so far is Beck's Wave. Bon Iver's Holocene and Yaz's Winter Kills come close, but don't feel quite right.
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Best answer: Perfume Genius, maybe?
posted by snez at 1:53 PM on December 26, 2018

Best answer: Sorry if this is too obvious, but maybe Hello Earth by Kate Bush?
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Best answer: That song always reminds me of Boys-for-Pele era Tori Amos. Marianne seems the closest match to me. But these other might fit too: Horses, Putting The Damage On, or Twinkle.

Man, I love Mitski and Tori both so much.
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Best answer: Some of the chords and the vibe aren't all that far from Pyramid Song.
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Response by poster: These are all great answers so far, with Twinkle and Pyramid Song closest to the elusive quality I'm looking for.
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Ooh then you definitely need This Mortal Coil — Song to the Siren
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White Chalk by PJ Harvey
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Oh also Hunter by Bjork
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