Where to resell a new-with-tags fancy-brand handbag?
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I got a nice bag (think Coach, not Chanel) I suspect I won't use as a gift from a relative I don't feel great about asking about a gift receipt, and would like to learn about my options for reselling it.

When this same thing happened last year I took the bag in to the brand's retail store hoping to get store credit and they treated me shabbily - implied that I was trying to run a scam, I guess because it was an older or outlet or clearance item? I think it was probably last-season inventory liquidated on Amazon - really, I just didn't want it taking up space and collecting dust in my house. I'd rather not try that again as it was an awkward and rather insulting retail interaction that frankly made me feel really bad and grouchy about a brand I'd previously liked. I totally lost my cool (something about being vaguely accused of crimes set me off, weird I know) and I feel like if I tried it again I'd be grinding my teeth heading into the shop and unable to maintain any chill. It isn't worth the annoyance to me, especially as they did their best to give me the least possible store credit they could for it anyway. Which, fair enough, just doing their jobs - but I'm just not interested in attempting that again this year or more generally in interacting with this retailer more than I must.

So...what *else* would you do with a really nice, still in packaging with tags, handbag or wallet that just wasn't practical for your needs, if you couldn't return it to the store? Ten years ago I would have gone straight to eBay, but these days I feel like there are tons of fakes and scams on eBay and I don't really shop there anymore; however, I'm not sure where this sort of business has moved since then.

"Best" could mean either best prices or best for convenience or...best for some other reason. I'm open to both websites and non-website ideas beyond "see if one of your sisters wants it." Thanks!
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Check out independent consignment stores in your area and walk into the one with the best ratings. People who work at places like that are pretty good at problem solving and if they don't want it, they can probably suggest someone who will.
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If you can imagine social capital instead of cash this would be perfect to donate to a fundraising raffle or silent auction for your whatever-society. It’s the kind of thing we love to have (unopened, tags) as part of our Christmas raffle for example. Local sales groups on Facebook can be good but your relative might see it. Maybe a friend could post it for you?
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I see a lot of this on Instagram these days. Mostly in the slow trade circles (@selltradees, for example), but I bet there’d be something similar for other brands. Most of the pages are run by moderators; you name your price, submit photos of your item and whatever info the admins request, and then they post it for you. Most sales close 24 hours after first posted, folks that want to buy it comment with their zip code, and then you pick the winner randomly. Shipping and payment is worked out via DM and PayPal.
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You could check out Poshmark. I’ve never sold through them, but have bought a few things and the experience at least on that side was good.
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Why not just put it on Poshmark? (It's the modern ebay for designer goods.)
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The first thing you’ll want to do is check the tag for a code and see if you can find out the name/style and rough season of the bag. That’ll help narrow down its value. Also be aware that many nice bags are also subject to a lot of counterfeits, so if you want to resell it, spend some time verifying to the best of your ability that it’s not fake (very very good fakes are hard to tell, but it’s good to look out for obvious clues - lots of guides exist, so check google). I’ve bought and sold several vintage coach bags as well as other nice-ish newer brands (longchamp and Kate spade) and eBay and Poshmark are good places to go. Both have counterfeit items, which is why it’s good to make sure to verify to the best of your ability yours is not, and then post pictures of how you verified yours isn’t. This is also when the name/model of the bag comes in handy.
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Oh, and also see if you can verify if yours is outlet or retail, using the tag/color, etc - this will help with reselling, too.
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Local Facebook group
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The Facebook groups around here all explicitly ban the listing of purses, so check the rules of your groups before posting.
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TheRealReal is another good online resource. Depending on where you live, they also have eight locations for dropping off consignments in person.
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I love Iteki's idea of donating it to a fundraising raffle. I feel like that would go so far and maybe be the most low-hassle and fulfilling option even if it doesn't give you cash in hand.
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If TheRealReal takes this brand -- they're picky -- I'd sell it there. Otherwise, I'd either take it to the local consignment shop or sell it myself on Poshmark.
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Thanks guys! I loved the idea of donating it to a silent auction and found one in my area in a couple months. They were thrilled to get a random cold donation offer out of the blue. I'll drop it off on Monday. Definitely didn't occur to me to donate it this way (and seemed a major waste to take it to Goodwill) - I really appreciate the inspiration!
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