Skype History Download for Mac
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I'd like to download my old chat history on Skype I have recovered from my old computer, on a Mac.

I have my main.db file from all my old Skype chats and I'd like to have a way to open them up and search them. There seem to be a bunch of programs for PC but I can't find one for Mac that works. What should I use?
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main.db is a SQLite file, so you may have better luck looking for a SQLite client/db browser for Mac. I had to do the same years ago; unfortunately, I can't remember if I just opened the file in a text editor, or used a command line sqlite client to get what I needed.
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OSX comes with the command line SQLite3 client (I'm assuming it's 3 and not the older version). There's also SQLite Browser.

Neither is going to be much help unless you're comfortable with SQL though.
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