Why does my printer's magenta color not line up with the other colors?
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I have a brother MFC-9325CW, I often get a magenta line on the edge of the page, and the magenta color in the picture is always off by like a millimieter here is a picture I tried cleaning all the colors, taking the color toners out and putting them back in, nothing helped. What gives?
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Does it have a "cartridge alignment" in the settings? Usually it prints out an alignment chart, scans it, and then self calibrates...
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It’s hard to see the paper orientation in your picture but I assume it’s a line along the long axis of the page? That’s a classic symptom of a bad drum unit. On your Brother, that’s a consumable item that’s separate from the color cartridges. You’ll need to replace it to get rid of the magenta border.

It’s possible that replacing the drum will also fix the alignment issue but it’s likely that will require a separate alignment process as anaelith says.
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