Looking for a Video Editing Freeware Program - With the Timeline Ribbon
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Been moving from PC to laptop - running Windows 7. Need a video editing program as close to the old, Movie Maker as possible. For some reason MM 2012 doesn't have a ribbon timeline below - the layout is very hard to work with and there's no adjusting it as I came to figure out. Is there a MM clone or something as close to it that's also freeware? TIA
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I went through a bunch of video editing freeware a year or two ago and the most usable and least buggy one I found was kdenlive. Not sure if the windows version works as well as the Linux version but it's worth a shot.
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I've never used Movie Maker, so I don't know how it works, but Davinci Resolve is free and is based on a timeline

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The generic term is NLE, Non-Linear [video] editor.

My company sells products to the post-production industry, and while most of the editors I speak with are using Macs, I know that some of their products are found in Windows too. Blackmagic and Avid come to mind first, for Windows, and both have free NLE's that're feature-limited versions of the pro product:

Try the free version of Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve; probably most of my customers are using this.

Avid's Media Composer First is likewise a feature-limited version of some very high-end pro software.

Here's a list of free NLEs aimed at beginners, which you may or may not consider yourself. Looking at the list, there are some I wouldn't call NLEs, such as Freemake Video Converter, and Blender is a VFX platform, though it may also work as NLE, I'm not sure.
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Back in the day a really simple, solid, freeware Windows video editor that performed well was VirtualDub, but per Wikipedia there hasn't been a new release in half a decade.
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Virtualdub is pretty well married to AVI-type video, which is going by the wayside because H.264, the juggernaut video codec, is barely and badly supported by AVI.

That said, it does AVI really, really well. You can use it for MPEG-based codecs.
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