Exploring gayageum music
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I want to explore traditional Korean music similar to Hwang Byungki's gayageum compositions - I love the melodic sparseness. I especially love Spring Snow and Eonmori. Where can I hear/learn more online? I've hit Smithsonian Folkways but the traditional Korean music they have is not what I'm looking for.
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My Korean friend recommends Kyungso Park (she's also on Youtube). For a more traditional style she recommends searching "gayageum sanjo" (가야금 산조 for better search results) on Youtube. Sanjo translates to "scattered melody!"
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Best answer: I get the impression you are not looking for gayageum music in the traditional style, as Hwang Byungki is considered a revolutionary performer and composer in Korean traditional music.

A helpful search term would be "창작 국악" which roughly translates to "original creation Korean traditional music," akin to modern or contemporary classical music. You might add 가야금 to narrow it down to gayageum music. One caveat is that this will get you a lot of crossover / fusion performances that are Western-style music played on traditional Korean instruments.

You can also try exploring the National Gugak Center's YouTube Channel..
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