What can I make instead of persimmon cookies?
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I wanted to bake persimmon cookies but wasn't able to find any of the right kind of persimmons. What can I substitute in for the persimmon pulp in my recipe that will have a similar texture and will go well with the rest of the ingredients/flavors (cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins, walnuts) ?

My current recipe uses 1 cup sugar and this results in a cookie that is on the already on the slightly less sweet side, which is my preference, but I don't want an even less sweet cookie. If I use (unsweetened) canned pumpkin, should I add more sugar to compensate and if so how much?

Any other ideas for alternate ingredients?

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I recently used apple sauce in a cake that usually calls for persimmons. It wasn't as delicious as the original recipe, but still very good. If I do it again, I'll add lemon juice -- the apples didn't give the brightness of flavor that persimmons do. The persimmon recipe called for mashed persimmons, and with hachiya persimmons that basically means gloppy liquid. So I added a little water to compensate when using the apple sauce.
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Any chance apricots could work?
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Slow roasted sweet potatoes! They get nice and sweet so no need to add sugar.
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Canned or fresh pears, pureed.
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Apples or pumpkin.
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Mashed sweet potato with a bit of orange juice.
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Thanks everyone! These all sound good, and the suggestions to use citrus juice were helpful. I ended up using mashed bananas with lemon juice and they came out really well.
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