Shaving my head without a razor blade?
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If you regularly shave your head how do you do it? Are there electric shavers that are good? What's your routine? I'd like to avoid razors but I want a razor-like close shave (or nearly).
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Clippers with no comb on them for me, you can set the blades so they give a very close buzz cut and yeah, it's way easier than a razor, which I've also done.

I use a Wahl model from the 90's that I expect to last until the apocalypse, I don't know if they still make such quality
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I've been shaving my head for about a decade now. I use a safety razor (in fact I use this razor). I shave in the shower, generally daily. To actually get a smooth shave, I shave once with the grain, and then again against the grain. I also use shaving oil. I really don't think that you will be able to get a razor-close shave with anything electric.
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Unfortunately, in my experience electric shavers don't shave as close as a razor - though to be fair there are a lot of electric shavers out there and I've only tried a few of them. Also, I have a set of clippers I use for trimming, but I can't imagine it as a replacement for a razor because even without a comb clipped on it still leaves an obvious stubble (unless that's the look you're going for, in which case go for it).
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I've got an Oster 76 with a 00000 blade and been using it for 10 years. It does leave some stubble which is fine for my purposes. Ocassionally I'll do the blade after that. Wondering if there are better ways out there.
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I used to use an Oster T-trimmer which worked pretty well but did leave some stubble.

Now I use a HeadBlade. It's pretty much effortless! Might make you rethink using a blade ;)
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Like deadwax I use oldish Wahl electric clippers without an attachment, but they definitely don’t give me a “razor-like close shave”. It’s more like stubble. An electric shaver would give a closer shave than clippers (but not, in my face’s experience, quite as close as a razor like anansi’s safety razor).
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Gets expensive, and you'll have to work out the timing, but you can use something like Nair (in the shower) to melt away the residual stubble to give yourself a razor-like finish.
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sometimes i use a safety razor if it's getting longer (4 or 5 days of growth), otherwise i use a Harry's cartridge razor (not as good as Gilette but significantly cheaper)
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I alternate using an 11 year old wet/dry Panasonic ES8103s electric shaver with using a Schick Quattro with Cremo shave cream, both in the shower. The Schick+Cremo is noticably closer, the Panasonic is notably faster shave time.

I'd describe the shave I get with the electric shaver as "about as close as the razor feels 8 hours after shaving." A good wet/dry electric shaver

I am hoping for a new electric razor for Christmas.
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Another who just uses electric clippers with no guard for the occasional head shave but also most of the time for the face as well. I've been trying a Philips Norelco OneBlade hybrid electric trimmer and shaver and it is a much closer shave on the face. Not near the blade smoothness, but quite a bit better than clippers. Basically it's just much thinner cutting teeth and a bit of contour following head. Don't know what it would be like on a full head scale.
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I use a beard trimmer without the guard to do most of the job and then I use a women's 4 blade disposable razor against the grain.

I tried a number of different razors, including a safety razor, but this works best on my head, shaving very closely without irritation.

If you do it often enough you can skip the trimmer. I only use that because I'm lazy and let my hair grow long enough to clog the blades.
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I've been shaving my head regularly since 2012-ish, and have been mainly doing so with a Remington PG525 Beard Trimmer (at least I believe it is the PG525; I'm not currently home, but will verify the exact model when I am). It just happened to be my beard trimmer when I first decided it was time to shave my head and I was lucky that it was also the rare electric trimmer that shaves very closely and also comfortably without a guard on. I've been using it as my main head shaving tool ever since, and it's great because I don't need a razor. I shave my head every two to three days, depending on my mood.

I have a separate beard trimmer for my actual beard, since I lost the attachments to the Remington years ago.... and keep it for the sole purpose of shaving my head.

I also shave my head with disposable Schick Xtreme 3 razors and Cremo Original Shave Cream (this combo works the best for me after some trial and error) when I'm in the mood or going somewhere fancy (like a wedding or something)... but the electric trimmer is my first choice.
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