Shoes for socks, display edition
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I am looking for shoes that will let me show off all my pretty socks!

I have a nice collection of "artistic" socks, some handmade ones and a lot of single colors that are beautiful. I enjoy wearing them, but the majority of my shoes don't show much of the sock.

I saw an ad for socks recently where the model was wearing tights (!!!) With socks!! I loved the
look. I do have some maryjane styles, but the sides are regular shoe cut, so really the only view of the sock is what shows at the top of my foot, minus what's under the straps.

So, what shoes am I looking for? Disclaimer, I have damaged feet; bunions, arthritis, and surgery in the past. I can't wear cheap unsupportive shoes, not very high heels. I own Alegrias, Dansko, get the idea.
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To clarify then, you're looking for shoes that have no sides but are very supportive? That seems like it's going to be hard, but I'd be looking for shoes that provided molded footbeds.

Naot is another brand you might consider. I have all sorts of foot issues and used to go through a pair of shoes in 3 months (like I destroyed birkenstocks in 3 months), and I've had my Naots for like 4 years now and they're still supportive and comfortable.

These are pretty minimal and neutral (so as not to clash with your socks).
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If only I had a penguin...yes, that's it! Very low/no sides!
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Try some Lotta from Stockholms! They often market their clogs with tights and/or socks, and they're comfortable. There are lots of shoes like this, too. I also have arthritis and quit heels except for occasional dressy events, and the clogs are very easy/comfortable for me to wear!
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I like to wear these Dansko maryjane clogs with the socks I've knit. While they aren't open at the sides, they have a "sock window" at the top, are open at the heel (so you can see any fancy heel stitches or colors), and are very supportive.
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Clogs and Mary Janes show a lot more sock if the hem of the pants leg is higher, such as ankle length.
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DSW has a couple of flats that are kind of like D'Orsays but cut low on the outside instead of the inside: Quelin Flat by Journee Collection and Shay Flat by Crown Vintage. They might provide more support than a real D'Orsay.

They're so similar that I assume they're both knock-offs of something else, but I don't follow women's shoes closely enough to tell you the original. I unfortunately also don't know how to describe this sort of inside-out D'Orsay.

The person who told me about these has the Quelin pair, and she mentioned that the sizing is not predictable. She bought three pairs in the same size and only one pair fits. So maybe check out the return policy before you order.
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