Klezmer or other Jewish music, help
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My workplace plays music for the holidays for our holiday light display and we need more Jewish music. Help me find great music to be played in our gardens.

We are specifically interested in music with a festive feel but not full on party-feeling. Music with vocals are without are both welcomed.

Klezmer and others. We are not specifically looking for Hannukah music as the holiday has passed.
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Are you looking for something like Oy to the World?
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Honestly a lot of the Christmas music you're playing was written by Jewish people, like Irving Berlin.

Gershwin, Sondheim, Leonard Bernstein, Richard Rodgers (but not Hammerstein or Hart, though who can tell?). Not explicitly Jewish music, and yet Jewish music.

Personally I can't think of Klezmer tunes that would feel confluent with a holiday light display, but it has never been one of my favourite genres. A family member plays balalaika though, maybe some nice Russian holiday tunes like this would give you the feel you're after.
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The Maccabeats!
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Nava Tehila - Israeli Jewish renewal music
Nefesh Mountain - bluegrass klezmer
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...but not Hammerstein or Hart, though who can tell?

Actually, Hart was Jewish (though I'm pretty sure his film biography made him Catholic). Hammerstein's grandfather, also Oscar, was Jewish, and Hammerstein, whose friends and business associates were predominantly Jewish, said he always felt like an honorary Jew. So feel free to include them!

On a more serious note, I recommend The Klezmatics.
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To be honest, this Jewish person finds it kind of weird that you're excluding Hanukkah music from your holiday light display. I mean, that IS the holiday. Maybe it's just me, but I'd prefer just Christmas music over trying to shoehorn in Jewish music that is specifically not Hanukkah related.
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From Avenue A to the Great White Way is a fine compilation of how Jewish culture influence pop music in the 20th century.
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Response by poster: This Jewish person is also somewhat confused by this. That said there is a history associated with the garden that makes the mix of cultures and religions relevant.
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A strong recommendation for Steven Bernstein's album Diaspora Soul (YouTube, Amazon). Jewish classics done in the style of 60s soul jazz. Festive! Funky! Very Jewish withouth being schmalzy!
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Itzhak Perlman made a Klezmer album that I loved as a kid. Upon some Googling, it looks like "Perlman Plays Klezmer" is a reissue of three such albums, so I'd recommend.
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Ok, cool! In that case, I put forth Pharoah’s Daughter for the klezmer and Sephardi blend.
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Klezmerson, a mexican klezmer band
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The Debaucherauntes.
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Les Yeux Noirs
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There's a lot of good contemporary Israeli music. I've been kind of digging Nikmat HaTraktor personally.
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Six13 is another Jewish acapella group.
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