Jeopardy-themed recipes?
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A friend is hosting a viewing party(-ies?) for his Jeopardy appearance(s?) in early January. He's asking people to bring themed potluck dishes around common Jeopardy categories. Ideas?

The theme is ultimately pretty open, because Food & Drink is a regular J! category, but other categories like Potent Potables or Foods that Begin With The Letter Q offer more entertaining options. It doesn't have to be themed around a food related category, necessarily, those are just the obvious ones. If you've got a great Before & After dish or something, that would also be good.
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Opera cake
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How about doubles? One recipe here, there are lots out there for the bara and the channa.

You could call them...Daily Doubles.
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Category: Kisses
Kiss My Grits. This Italian dish uses the same ingredient as a classic Southern side. What is polenta? (Add lots of olive oil, pepperoni & olives)
This company makes bite-sized chocolates with a distinctive shape, commonly described as flat-bottomed teardrops. What is Hershey's? Peanut butter kiss cookies.

It's all about picking a category and developing the answers. And now I have Alex Trebek's voice in my head.
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Maybe you could do something with Before & After?

Like, Fried Chicken Pot Pie?
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If you've got a great Before & After dish

Fish and Chips and Salsa
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Need to work "Who are 3 people who've never been in my kitchen?" into this somehow.

I'm thinking you feature three ingredients NOT from brands named after people, but label them as if they were. This will depend on regional availability and recipes, but thinking along the lines of cocktail wieners labeled as Oscar Meyer, chicken wings labelled as Colonel Sanders', cupcakes labelled as Little Debbies. etc. So the answer would be Oscar Meyer, Colonel Sanders, and Little Debbie. And the question would be: "Who are 3 people who've never been in my kitchen?"

But, you know, probably substitute better recipes than these.
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Anything with alcohol in it for Potent Potables. Some really rummy rum balls, maybe?
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Don’t they have alliteration categories sometimes? Maybe something with that? Googling for “alliterative food names” comes up with things like Little Lemon Loaves or Pasta with Pancetta, Parsnips, Parsley, and Parmesan (which I think sounds delicious!).
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My personal favorite category is Women Authors and so in that vein I offer these ideas:

Charlotte Brontë-sauraus Burgers (little sliders)
Virginia Woolf Bites (little meatballs or something..... :)
Riga-Toni Morrison (pasta salad....I am making myself laugh typing these out haha)
Amy Tan-doori Chicken
Octavia E. Butlerscotch Cookies
Louisa May Alcottage Cheese Dip (self explanatory, but add pineapples because they're delish)
Agatha Christini (little crostinis!)
Lorraine Hans-Berry Compote
Harper Leek Soup
Joyce Carol Oates-meal Cookies
Anne Rice Pilaf
Madeline L'English Muffin Pizzas
J.K. Rowlinguine with Clams
Maya Angelfoo Cake (angelfood cake obvs)
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You could bring a platter of things that all start with the same letter, if you label it with a pun with that letter in quotation marks.
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Almost forgot! If you need category or clue inspiration, you can always browse
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To scent the party you could use the "potpourri" category.
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I swear Trebek must have a clause in his contract saying at least one question/answer per show must relate to Canada. So something Canadian? Maple syrup something?
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The event is happening in Canada so everything will be at least kinda Canadian. ;)

I really like the Before & After ideas, so if anyone else has something to suggest in that vein, that would be great.

Otherwise I am leaning toward Quiche and/or maybe a tart containing membrillo/Quince paste. Possibly those could be the same dish, even.
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Holy shit, I just googled membrillo quiche to see if anyone had ever done it before and Ottolenghi has a recipe!
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I'd bring something Scottish and make rude YER MOTHER! style Sean Connery/SNL jokes, but that's me.
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Some kind of chocolate thing but call it “Turd Ferguson”
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