How to print cards from old SW without discs
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For years I used a version of Broderbund Print Shop to make all sorts of cards and signs. This was before everyone had such super easy internet type versions of things like Christmas cards at cheap prices. It saved the files with their own extensions (.NOT for notecard, etc). I no longer have the SW but would like to reprint some of my files. Is there a way to do this or do I need to track down an old version of the discs?
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They still sell Printshop surprisingly enough. How old are the files you created?
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You might be able to find an old version on eBay. Having said that though, there is no guarantee that old software will run on newer computers, even with emulation.

If you are able to open the files, be sure to convert them to PDF. You can download a free virtual PDF printer such as PrimoPDF. Publishing a PDF will be as simple as hitting print and choosing the virtual PDF printer in the printer dropdown menu. Voila!

I had to do this because I had a load of card files created in Avery Design Pro, which is discontinued :/ Good luck!
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It looks like the Internet Archive has older copies of Print Shop available.
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