Resources for online digital art/prints?
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I am in the market for some (inexpensive) art to fill my dull walls. I've come across a few lovely Etsy shops doing either digital art or fairly inexpensive prints, here and here for example. Are there any more shops, etsy or otherwise, you can suggest? (Not really looking for say, prints of famous paintings, etc.)
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Whoops, as soon as I asked, I found this question. Ah well. Open to new suggestions as well too!
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Are you after just abstract / modern art or would less abstract things work?

Just going through my Etsy / Redbubble faves, though none of this might be up your alley:
  • TheColourfulCatStudio (I specifically had some of their Lord of the Rings stuff faved - the Bag End and Rivendell ones - but they've also got more generic stuff)
  • RaphaelVavasseur(lots of dreamy cat stuff, eg.)
  • Threeleaves (more dreamy cat stuff, I'm weak for that kind of thing)
  • This is an actual photo, but I bought a print of "Warm Coat" a while back. If photos are your thing, that particular photographer has a lot of lovely work.

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I've been really into this artist's vibrant, colorful abstract paintings sold on Etsy lately: Siiso. I could fill up a whole room just with these prints!
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Thanks so much! And no, not just abstract -- I'm open to anything!
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Many artists on DeviantArt sell cheap prints - I have one and it's fairly good quality.
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There are endless options, and it really depends on what style you are looking for, but these are resources I enjoy:

-Lots of cool prints from artists like Carson Ellis and Nikki McClure at Buy Olympia

-Base Camp Printing

-Just Seeds
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INPRNT has a really nice curated selection of artists, and their prints are high quality!

I've also seen prints on TicTail.
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My tactic lately has been to find old public domain images. One example (out of so so many) is the National Library of Medicine's Flickr account. Find an image that you like there, save it, hop onto the website for your closest Office Depot, send them the image, and pick up a print that same day. That's how I got this poster-sized (laminated!) 1907 eye chart for my office wall for $35.
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Check the prints section of the Mefi Mall!
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Saatchi Art is a good spot. Grant Fuhst is an artist I know, very enjoyable and compelling imagery. Also a nice individual, his perints are reasonable.
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Some other options:
20x200 - limited edition artworks, lots of styles, range of sizes and prices.
Prints from the Public Domain Review - good quality reprints of images from antique books.
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Definitely Society6. They even frame
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