Good gift for casual fisher?
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My dad has recently taken up fishing as a casual retirement hobby and I'm in search of something that might be fun/different/make his life easier!

He is very lowkey, just doing catch and release with non-barbed hooks. He usually uses bread as bait but started getting into lures when the trout released by the county started getting low (wild fish apparently like the lures). Is there a set of beginner's equipment/lures or a nice gadget that would be fun if he basically just has a hook and a line? A line threader?
He also has expressed a little interest in trying fly fishing-is there a good kit for that?

The only time I interact with fish is to occasionally eat them, so thanks!
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When younger relatives start fishing, I usually get them a lure assortment (such as this) and a tackle box / bag ( such as this). Those lures will probably be poorly made, but the variety lets them figure out what works for where and what they are after. Hooks will probably be barbed but a few minutes will a file can easily fix that. The box / bag should be decent quality since the expectation is that it will be used for years.

Those lures are not for fly fishing - that is a completely different style of fishing with its own types of rods / reels / gizmos.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

n.b. - both links are from quick searches on Amazon, are not items I have experience with, and similar items should be easily available locally or from other retailers
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I'm more of a fish entertainer, because every time I go fishing I can hear those fish laughing at me. Last season I caught 1 fish. One.
I've been having fun with Tenkara fishing, it's a form of fly fishing. You just sneak up on the little bubblers, drop a fly in front of them and hope they strike. The equipment consists of a net, a stick, a string, and a lure. I got my pole from China, but there are a couple places in the U.S. that sell what he'll need.
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A fishing vest or similar is a very good 'first investment' if he has not already made that. Any vest under $50 will be fine. This was my first vest and I'm still using it 10 years later.

Lure cases are also good gifts, but can get pricey quickly (I have no idea why) . This one looks okay. Waterproof is great for keeping your wallet and phone dry.
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This hook remover seems like it shouldn't work, but is really quite brilliant.
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I stopped by Bass Pro Shop and grabbed an assortment of lures, but I might just get him the hook remover- super cool. Thanks for all the answers and particularly for this: "I'm more of a fish entertainer, because every time I go fishing I can hear those fish laughing at me" -sounds just like something my dad would say :)
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