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I love Yoga with Adriene. I want this kind of thing except for other types of exercise.

Priorities are:
1. free
2. lots of videos available of different lengths and intensities
3. ideally no equipment used - can be done in my house with a yoga mat and a couple of hand weights
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This is my obligatory plug for Fitness Blender. You can search videos by lengths, intensities, and equipment, including "no equipment."
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Was going to mention Fitness Blender. (What are the odds that someone else would mention a site that has about a billion views?)
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Antranik is pretty great. Looks like he's got some motivational stuff going on there now as well, but if you check his videos there are all kinds of bodyweight (no or little equipment) howtos.
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I asked a sort of similar question recently and The Fitness Marshall came up (for cardio dance) -- he is great.

I also think PopSugar fitness is pretty great. A lot of different types of workouts there.

I enjoy doing Leslie Sansone Walk at Home stuff.
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Jenny Ford has a good variety of exercises for all fitness levels.
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