Two turntables, hold the microphone, please
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I'm looking for a pair of cheaper direct-drive turntables for amateur DJ'ing (just basic mixing, not scratching). What's a decent make and model at the lower end of the price spectrum? Secondhand is fine.

I'm thinking about getting back into vinyl DJ'ing.

For the type of weirdo experimental DJ'ing that I'm interested in doing, I really don't need anything fancy. As long as it has direct drive and pitch control, I'm basically good. If it doesn't look stupid, so much the better.

That said, I know that all models are not created equal – so I'd like to get the most bang for my buck.

I'm deliberately omitting a budget, and leaving the interpretation of "cheaper" up to you. Recommend me a model worth having (given my not-terribly-picky criteria), and the price ranges I see will (in part) determine whether I actually pursue this or not :)

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Best answer: I'd suggest reading through Turntable Lab's guides to turntables. They have an entry-level direct-drive Audio Technica LP-120 for $249 each.

You may wish to find a used pair of Technics 1200s on craigslist / searchtempest. Old DJs are always selling off used gear and you may luck out and find a pair in flight cases for $600-1000. My first pair of Technics are still going strong after years of use - there is a reason why these are the industry standard.
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Best answer: The Audio-Technica LP-60 and LP-120 both seem to be pretty highly regarded as far as "entry-level" tables go. The LP-60 is belt-drive, though, so it's not appropriate for your case.
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Best answer: Do not get the LP-60 - it is pretty bad from what I have heard. The LP-120 is OK. You can get used turntables on ebay that are better than either - I bought a Technics SL-QD33 there for under $100 shipped which beats either of the Audio-Technicas mentioned by a wide margin. The SL-QD33 is an automatic single play, so it isn't the usual DJ type, but it is quartz lock direct drive. I have an SL-1200 too like stachemaster mentions, and they are pretty great, perfect for what you want to do. I payed $400 for a used one at Guitar Center.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies! I'm pretty sure the Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB is exactly what I need. I even found an unopened pair on Craiglist at a pretty great price – I might pick 'em up tomorrow!
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