What should I get this person for Christmas?
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I drew someone for Secret Santa and I'm drawing a blank. She likes backstabbing board games, people playing with her hair, and photography.
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Something like this? http://www.orgasmatron.com.au (despite the name, SFW.)
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Coup is a good hidden-role/bluffing board (card) game if it's in your budget.
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Saboteur is a fun little game, and inexpensive.
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Secret Hitler! It got my entire extended family happily yelling at each other over Thanksgiving.
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++++ Saboteur. Bonus points when your Swedish friend who never lies about anything draws the Saboteur card and is really, really good at it.

(okay, maybe that's just us. But the game is excellent.)
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"Selfie - The Game of Silly Expressions! Draw a card, take a selfie, then watch as your friends and family guess your expression" -sample challenge "Make a face you would make during a rectal exam". Should tick all 3 of her passions.
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Unstable Unicorns is great, and fairly new so she probably won't have it. the tagline is "Build a unicorn Army. Betray your friends. Unicorns are your friends now. "
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A Head Massager is cheap, fun and feels good if she likes to have people play with her hair. Here is a super cheap one.
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Nthing saboteur, great game! If your budget is a little higher, Dead of Winter and Betrayal at House on the Hill are both excellent games that feature some major backstabbing/sabotage.
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+1 for betrayal at house on the hill -- it's pretty unique in mechanics, in my experience.

Other games at about that price tag, maybe somewhat less - Small worlds (land capture game where you fight other players - so much backstabbing...and stabbing in general), Illuminati (you're all secret societies trying to achieve secret goals), Gloom (make your 'family' the most depressed and then kill them off before someone else can make them happy), The Resistance (you're a resistance group, but some of you are moles for The Evil Government).
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I got some cell phone lenses for some family members. They clip on and allow you to do macro or wide lens pics. They were fairly inexpensive and they loved them.
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