Matching hats?
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My husband wants to buy matching winter hats for himself (man-sized head) and our daughter (2 year old toddler head)? Where oh where can we find some?

Ideally, shipping in time for Christmas, but if later is needed, we would take that too. Thanks for your advice!
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I'll bet folks on etsy would love to do this. maybe find an etsy shop that already has a hat he likes in adult size and ask if they could also custom knit one for a toddler size?
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I was coming in to say Etsy, too. A few years back I saw an adorable knit penguin hat for babies and asked the artist to make it adult size for me. (They didn't even charge extra!) That person is on a break right now, or I'd link to them, but yeah - Etsy.
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If you go the custom route expect to pay extra for getting it by Christmas (or it may not be possible at all for some shops). Baby hats may be quick but knitters (really anyone who custom makes $thing) are generally dying this time of year. That said searching “matching hat” on Etsy comes up with a couple of hats that already come in multiple sizes.
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LL Bean has these earflap hats in both kid and adult sizes.
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Thanks everyone! I didn't think of HA or Etsy and couldn't find those LL Bean hats. This gives us some good options!
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