Help me de-plastic my hair and skin care
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One of my goals for 2019 is to reduce the amount of plastic packaging coming into the house. I am happy with my hair and skin care routines, but everything comes in plastic packaging. Are similar products available wrapped in paper or packaged in glass? If not, or in addition, what companies have really good recycling practices?

I am looking for shampoo, conditioner, and curl enhancer for gray hair that used to be thick, coarse, and wavy; it's now thinner and finer, but still relatively wavy and thick for my age. My skin tends to be dry and sensitive. Currently, I use products that contain a retinoid, hyalauronic acid, and glycolic acid. I also would like day and night moisturizers and, if the day moisturizer doesn't include sunscreen, a facial sunscreen. I do not want products containing zinc or titanium oxides or anything with a heavy, lasting fragrance. I don't need make-up.
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Best answer: You could look into Lush. A bunch of their products come not in plastic. And they have solid shampoo and conditioner.
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Came here to suggest Lush as well. I don't know if they'd have what you're after, though.
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Derma-E's products are mostly (if not all) in glass I think. They do have hyalauronic acid and AHA products.
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Aveda has excellent recycling policies and you can drop off empties at the stores (last I checked)
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Do you have a community co-op grocery store? The independent co-op near me sells bulk shampoo, soap, and other personal products as well as the standard bulk food bins.
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As you seem to be getting your active ingredients separately you could use body moisturiser on your face. Larger bottles, less frequent empties, more likely to be able to bulk buy and/or get refills. Something like Cerave.
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Kiehls recycle everything.
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Trader Joe's sells hyaluronic acid serum and antioxidant serum in glass bottles with a plastic pump top.
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Seconding bulk shampoo--that's the best choice. But if you do buy regular shampoo, you should definitely put the bottles in your recycling bin! They are #1 or #2 plastic. It's as easy to recycle as a water or soda bottle.
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I don't know how hippie you want to get, but for years I used diluted baking soda to wash my hair and vinegar to rinse it after that, which sufficed to condition my dry wavy hair. And I made hair gel from flaxseeds purchased from a food co-op that let me refill my own glass containers.
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Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve Company of Solon, Ohio. Family owned and operated, sends their shampoo bars in little paper bags. Very good customer service.

I've been sampling their shampoo bars. At some point I'll be restocking with the Butter Bar conditioning shampoo bar (very nice even in static-prone conditions), Henna (no color change but my daughters love it), and Cafe Moreno (my favorite for the coffee and cloves scent and it does not change my grey hair in spite of the warning.) The most basic shampoo bars are Coconut Milk (with nut oils including almond oil) and Soapnuts Shampoo (with olive oil).

Here is Ida's advice on transitioning from washing your hair with a detergent-rich shampoo to a natural shampoo bar. I love the idea of getting away from chemicals (hello, Lush!) and using a solid bar for traveling and camping.

At first I used a shampoo bar, rinsed well, then used a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse (the smell disappears after it dries, or diluted lemon juice will also work). I used a cream rinse the first two times with shoulder-length hair. Then it wasn't necessary.

I make shampoo bar sacks out of bath scrunchies, unfastened and cut into thirds, then raw ends pushed inside with a simple overhand knot at each end. This keeps multiple bars color-coordinated, helps create a lather, and I can hang them to dry (they turn into a puddle of glop if you let them stay wet.)
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Best answer: Many skincare products from The Ordinary come in glass dropper bottles (actives and hyaluronic acid). Mad Hippie products also often come in glass bottles. It seems to be the trend in organic/natural skincare. My frustration with glass bottles has always been getting the last of the product out, but I have seen teeny makeup spatulas on amazon that would probably help with that.
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