T.E.D. tugboats?
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Anybody know anything about WWII British tug boats?

I'm looking for information about T.E.D. tugs, made in Britain during WWII, and my Google-fu is failing me badly. Can some kind soul point me to web resources?

The T.E.D. was a generic design, and tugs of that design were built by about 14 different engineering companies. If you can point me to web resources identifying these, or to pages mentioning specific tugs of this class, I'd be grateful.
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How about asking at TugTalk, (‘the place for Tuggies everywhere’), or on the Yahoo Tugboats Group ‘discussions about tugs, tug news, stories, tug photos, links to tugboating in America & Canada.’ or mailing the Tugboat Enthusiast Sciety of the Americas? You could also peruse the relevant section of the list that is The Mother Of All Maritime Links.
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Best answer: I'm not suggesting you made an error, but this is definitely a T.E.D. class and not a T.I.D. class tugboat you want, right? TID tugboats were designed by a UK company and built during WWII. Many Google-able references to individual TID tugboats and to the class.
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Response by poster: I asked this question on behalf of a friend, and though he swears up and down that T.E.D. is the class he's after, everything he's told me about the tugs in question matches the description of the T.I.D. class on this page. Thanks, mdevore.
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