Ghosts + cops
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What are some films in which ghosts give clues to a (living) policeman trying to solve an unsolved murder? I feel like I've seen this before but can't recall where. Thanks!
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TV show, but "Randall and Hopkirk, Deceased." (Randall's a PI.)
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Not a film, but: River (Netflix).
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I figured TVTropes would have examples and picked the first semi-relevant thing that came to mind (The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service), which turned up Unfinished Business and I See Dead People--the latter of which mentions at least one film that meets your criteria, though on looking at the whole list I wonder if my assumption this would be easy to find was influenced by popular TV shows like Ghost Whisperer, Medium, or to a lesser extent iZombie that are only near matches.
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Best answer: The 1990 Bob Hoskins + Denzel Washington movie Heart Condition
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Practical magic with Sandra Bullock perhaps.

First instinct with the kinda dumb r.i.p.d.but the cop was dead too, so it doesn't qualify.
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The Sixth Sense is kind of like this, except the ghosts are giving their clues to a little boy, and not all of the clues are about murders. But there is a cop, there are ghost clues, and a little girl's murder gets solved. Anyway, I better not say more lest I spoil the end; it's only been 19 years!
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No film / TV suggestions from me, but I can offer up a book recommendation - the Dubric Byerly mysteries by Tamara Siler Jones are an excellent example of this theme.
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There is What Lies Beneath, although the clue is to the wife, not a policeman.
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Pushing Daisies kinda qualifies!
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Ghostwriter, the kids’ TV show!
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Dead Heat, with Joe Piscopo. Not a ghost, but close enough.
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The Spike TV movie SIS.
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A 2007 tv series starring Jeff Goldblum called Raines.
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It's been a while since I've seen it so I'm not entirety sure, but I think the movie The Woman in White fits this description.
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