Organizing contacts on my phone
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I have been looking for an android contacts app that will allow me to sort and view my contacts by groups. I've had the toughest time trying to find one. Please help!

I have so many contacts from so many different places that I would like to be able to find them by category rather than name. I know that there are some apps that allow you to label or tag contacts, but I've found this to be cumbersome and hard to apply to already existing contacts. I'm also not looking for solutions like adding something to their name.

My goal is to be able to have a work group, a friends group, etc. and access my contacts primarily through those groups. Essentially folders for my contacts. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Best answer: I use Google Contacts. I have over 2,000 contacts. Using the web interface, I put them all in groups. Family, friends, coworkers, softball team, Food, and other. At some point you have to take the time to either label them, sort them, or put them into categories. On my (OnePlus 6) phone, I click on contacts, then the hamburger or three horizontal lines, and up come my groups. I click on one of those and, well, there they are. It is actually pretty fast and easy.

To me, the key was using the web interface to put them all into groups. It works just as I think you are asking.

I am trying to see if you can set up a shortcut icon to go straight to a particular group, but I am not finding it. You can set up shortcuts to people but not labels as far as I can tell.
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Response by poster: I never even thought about going through the web interface. That makes it so much easier. Thank you!
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