First-person songs that use bigoted language pointedly/satirically?
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What other songs have a point-of-view and tone that's similar to that of the Dead Milkmen's "Stuart" or the extended/banned version of Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing"? Doesn't have to be class-based homophobia like in those examples, they're just the only ones I could think of. I'm curious if there are more like that, specifically where there's no third-person commentary on the person being portrayed.
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Small Circle of Friends by Phil Ochs is maybe the first example I know of this in the modern day.
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Short People by Randy Newman?
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Common People?
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Asshole by Dennis Leary?
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“Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey” by Sly and the Family Stone?

“Truck Drivin’ Neighbors Downstairs” by Beck?
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If you buy into Eminem's 'plausibly deniable' caveat that he's "just playing a character", most of his Slim Shady oeuvre might qualify what you're looking for.
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Depending on how you interpret it, Elvis Costello's "Oliver's Army."
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Speaking of Dead Milkmen... this is a Tiny Town.
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"Fairytale of New York," by the Pogues, has recently been in the news because of something like this - see here.
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"I Hate Wogs" by Eric Bogle most definitely fits this description.
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bleep: "Short People by Randy Newman?"

Or even more so: "Rednecks" by Randy Newman.
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American Tune by Andrew Jackson Jihad
21st Century Digital Boy by Bad Religion
Institutionalised by Suicidal Tendencies
Rock n Roll Nigger by Patti Smith (but not first person)

Sorry no links, partner asleep next to me and can’t YouTube.
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Phil Ochs totally leaned into this in his later work, when he was getting very dark. "I Kill Therefore I Am" is about toxic masculinity in America and uses homophobic language to support the trope. Sadly, the song is still really timely.
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Los Angeles, by X
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Randy Newman is certainly a good one for this, though even he admits that the final verse of Rednecks is not truly in the narrator's voice.
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Anything by the Country Teasers
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Ian Dury's Spasticus Autisticus. (Dury was himself disabled, and it was deliberately written as a protest song.)
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Does Uneasy Rider by Charlie Daniels count? The narrator describes an opponent using bigoted language satirically, to turn the opponents' friends against him so the narrator can escape.
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Pretty much every song by Steel Panther (cw. misogyny).
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Jerry Reed - A Redneck in a Rock N Roll bar. Not a very good song, but the same idea from a conservative perspective.

And the elder statesmen of this genre might be Ray Wylie Hubbard.
Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother
which is a satirical country song about a guy who fights in bars, and references a 1968 song about cops beating hippies, and what they say to lead it off:
David Peel - Up Against the Wall doesn't have many other lyrics.

Hubbard also wrote Chick Singer Badass Rocking after a radio exec said two tracks by female country singers should never be played back to back, or people would change the station.
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Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Latterman - My Dreams About Not Sleeping Until 3pm
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Pink Floyd -- Young Lust and In the Flesh
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Also the Dead Milkmen - Taking Retards to the Zoo.
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One in a Million by Guns and Roses
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I don't think this is quite what you're looking for in terms of tone, but I think Propagandhi's Comply/Resist is an interesting addition to the conversation.

It's a paraphrase of Christopher Hitchens' 1992 essay about the anti-Colombus Day movement.
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