Charities that help kids, love Jesus, sell shirts?
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What are some good, helpful, progressive organizations that are worth financially supporting and that also sell teeshirts that say nice things about foster kids/parenting or Jesus? My adult female relative wants teeshirts for Christmas: theme shirts with positive messages about foster care, Christianity, or a combination. I'd like to get tees a little more charity-minded than those $5 Random Bible Verse shirts on Amazon, but I'd prefer not to give money to sketchy, abusive, or right-wing groups.

It is normal and expected in my family to provide each other with very detailed and specific Christmas gift wishlists, so my relative's request for specific shirts should in no way be taken as a sign that my relative is demanding or entitled. I am also asking this question anonymously for gift identity protection from my relative, both before the gift exchange and after this page becomes a top hit on Google for Christian foster care shirts.
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I don't know anything about them, but some googling turns up Together We Rise ...
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John Pavlovitz has some cool progressive Christian shirts. You're just supporting him in his blog, Facebook, and book outreach, but he's a good guy who does nice stuff.

Similarly, The Christian Left blog has some cool shirts, but the proceeds also just go to support the blog.
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