Looking For Fragrance-Free, Cruelty Free Shampoo For Fine Hair
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I'm looking for a new kind of shampoo as my previous one (that I've used for nearly 40 years) is suddenly becoming difficult to get. Details under the fold.

I have the following requirements for it:

- cruelty free
- fragrance free
- suitable for fine hair
- available online to order if it's not readily available in Canadian stores
- ships to Canada (if shipping is necessary)
- reliable shipping

I can find lists of cruelty free and even fragrance free shampoos, but I am having a tough time finding something that combines all of the above.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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Can you tell us what your favorite shampoo is? It might inform recommendations.
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This company makes custom shampoos for your hair type that can be fragrance free and cruelty free, and it ships to Canada. I haven't tried it. If you haven't tried going no-poo, that might be worth considering.
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I use Stony Brook shampoo and conditioner. It's available on Amazon. No animal ingredients, not tested on animals, does fine on my not-that-robust hair. I've used it for years.

I'm just hoping it will ship to Canada.

I searched Amazon.ca and found some listings for it, but sold by "Stony Brook" instead of "Stonybrook"... apparently dubious sellers are becoming more of a thing on Amazon generally.
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I use Evo products and I do not notice a scent (I guess it just smells like soap) and they are not tested on animals. Gluttony / Bride of Gluttony would be the products for fine hair in their line.
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Jason has a fragrance-free shampoo and they're vegan & cruelty free. Their line is fairly easy to find in bigger grocery stores, but who knows if stores specifically stock the fragrance-free one.

Desert Essence also is cruelty free w/ a fragrance free option.

Avalon Organics (vegan/cruelty free) has a fragrance free option, but it has olive & grape seed oil, and might be too heavy for your fine hair. (we have the same hair and needs. I know your struggle.)

Edited to add: Sorry, forgot to add, I see these options on Amazon. Is that a shipping option for you?
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Just gonna second that counterfeit personal hygiene products are a huge issue on Amazon in general, and I don't buy anything that isn't being sold by the manufacturer.
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I have fine hair, which is very easily turned stringy and dry by the wrong shampoo. It responds happily to Aveda's Cherry Almond shampoo. Unfortunately, it is scented. It smells like cherry cough syrup. That said, I don't notice the scent after I've dried my hair, and when I do smell it (while washing) it doesn't a.) irritate my (obstreperous, snarky) allergies or b.) smell so vile I wonder if the makers were actively trying to turn people off from buying it. I would not ordinarily recommend this since you said no scents, but as a fellow fine-haired person who has gone through many, many shampoos in my quest to not end up cutting all my (dry, stringy, or else dry, stringy AND oily after umpteenth new shampoo experiment) hair off, I will recommend it anyway. I have long hair and need only a dime-sized amount to wash it all, so that helps with the price. (I have not tried the conditioner.) Aveda products are cruelty-free and available in Canada, per their website (see link.)
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I have very fine hair, and have found a lot of luck with a small company called Daughter of the Land. They make great sulfate free shampoo bars, and it has literally changed the texture and volume of my hair. I don't notice a smell when I wash my hair, even though the bar of soap itself, has a slight fragrance.
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I had some solid shampoo made by Junebug Soap -- I had particular requests about what kind of oils to use. I'm still figuring out hwo best to use it, but it often makes my hair look great. (And feel ?wrong?, or maybe just different.)
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