Halp! Unknown Mobile phone Android Notification Bar Icon
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I have a MotoG5S Mobile phone. It Runs Android 8.1.0 (Oreo) It is fully up to date and a icon keeps inconsistently showing up in my Notifications bar and I have no idea what it means.

Please Halp.

Icon can be seen here and is highlighted here on my imgur account.

I have looked through all the official Notification image charts I can find online and doesn't resemble any of them. No particular action seems to cause the icon to appear.
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Is it a very abstract compass? See this app for example.
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It looks kind of like the icon for the Moto app.
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When I have icons on the left of the notifications bar and swipe down, the menu shows a message from each icon. For example, right now I have five icons on the upper left of the notification bar, when I swipe down there are five messages corresponding to the five icons. Particularly for me right now are a calendar notification, fitbit sync service, weather, photos notification, and a remind app message. So, can you see a corresponding message if you swipe down?
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Even if you can't see any additional information about the notification when you swipe down, you could try long-pressing the box containing that notification, which should then give you an option to stop that particular notification in future, as well as telling you which app it's from.
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That's the icon for Moto Actions, the app that lets you implement commands by moving your phone in certain ways.
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Thanks everyone it was indeed the icon for the MOTO Actions App which has controls hidden quite deep in the settings.

I couldn't just click on it to see what it was because it kept appearing for a few seconds at random and I was never quick enough to screen-shot it until I updated Android and gained access to the no button screen-shot capability.

Thank you for helping me solve this.
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