Christmas music for misanthropes and weirdos
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I know we recently discussed "not especially joyful" Christmas music. Great! I want actively miserable or screwy Christmas music. Think Sufjan's "Christmas Unicorn" (the final third is a cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart", the middle third is EDM, and the first third is cynical musings). Think "A Christmas Duel" by The Hives and Cyndi Lauper (NSFW, opening lines: "I bought no gifts this year / and I slept with your sister", and it escalates from there). Think the delightful, absurd cacophany of All I Want for Christmas is Midi. Any recs?

Also on my list:

Martha Wainwright's "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"
Laura Marling's "Goodbye England"
"All I Want for Christmas is New Year's Day"
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Santa's Beard by They Might Be Giants.
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The Pogues - Fairytale of New York - is not especially joyous - “Happy Christmas your arse, I pray God it's our last”.
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Weird Al - The Night Santa Went Crazy is a fav of mine around this time of year.
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More Weird Al: Christmas at Ground Zero
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Merzbow's Silent Night probably falls under this umbrella, as does most of the rest of the album.
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I’m a big fan of Chiron Beta Prime
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Apologies if this doesn't fit the parameters, but I just love this song so much
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Unironic insurrectionary antihymn:

Roy Bailey and Leon Rosselson: Stand Up for Judas.
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Can’t stop won’t stop - the long out of print Kiki and Herb Christmas album is a work of genius and my family certainly think me deranged when I insist on listening to it every year.
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SomaFM's Xmas in Frisko station might be up your alley.
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I'm a Christmas Tree ("Oh Santa Claus! He breaks lots of laws! He trespasses!")

You Ain't Gettin' Shit for Christmas (singing starts at around 1:20)

Slick Nick (You Devil You) ("I WANTED CANDY!!")

Nicholas Was (Neil Gaiman's take on a Christmas Drabble. ...thanks, Neil?)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town (just... listen - you'll either hate it, or you'll be writhing on the floor in tears of laughter)

More later when I can get at my old holiday mix CDs (yeah, CDs, I said it)
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Seems like I recommend this song here at least once a year, but if you want to go that far, you could do worse than The Showcase Showdown's Merry Christmas, I Fucked Your Snowman.
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Selections from The Nightmare Before Christmas like "Making Christmas" and "Kidnap the Sandy Claws."
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Imogen Heap, "Just For Now"
Brandi Carlisle, "The Heartache Can Wait"
Your favorite version of "La Fille Du Père Noël"
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Hazy Fairytale of New York
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No Xmas for John Quays The Fall
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Robert Earl King's Merry Christmas from the Family is pretty dysfunctional. The Mountain Goats cover is my favorite.
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Probably too weird, but one of my favorites, Santa Claus was My Lover.
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Happy Holidays by Blink 182. Short and not at all sweet.
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Christmas, by Beat Happening
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pretty surprised to not see lcd soundsystem’s christmas will break your heart here.
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Smoke Fairies - Christmas Without A Kiss
Cristina - Things Fall Apart
The Youngsters - Christmas In Jail
Poly Styrene - Black Christmas
Type O Negative - Red Water (Christmas Mourning)
Wall Of Voodoo - Shouldn't Have Given Him A Gun For Christmas
Servotron - Christmas Day Of The Robot
Alien Sex Fiend - Stuff The Turkey
Fear - Fuck Christmas
Eric Idle - Fuck Christmas
The Sonics - Don't Believe In Christmas, Santa Claus
Courteney Probert's family singalong of There Ain't No Sanity Clause
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Bitshifter's cover of "Let it Snow"
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Jon Solomon has been hosting a Christmas music marathon on WPRB for 29 years. His taste skews toward the weird and unusual. Here's his 2017 playlist.
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The album A Lump of Coal featured some weird, weird Christmas music. There's not a lot available on YouTube, but there are a couple of gems:

Henry Rollins' "urban riot/burglar and guns/police chopper-touched revamp" of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Little Drummer Boy (Up the Khyber) Hoodoo Gurus--the title is apparently a reference to an old Pink Floyd song
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John Denver gets a little dark with "Please Daddy, Don't Get Drunk This Christmas"
Nat King Cole remembers "The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot"
Simon & Garfunkel give us some breaking news with "7 o'clock News / Silent Night"
Who can hate a dead mom song? NewSong's "The Christmas Shoes"
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The John Waters Christmas Album has some great oddball songs on it, mostly (unsurprisingly) in that sweet spot where kitsch intersects with creepy.
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Seconding the rec for Xmas in Frisko on SomaFM.
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Mud - Lonely this Christmas
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David Ford - Have Yourself a Bitter Little Christmas

I have this on an album produced by the charity Shelter a few years ago called "It's Not Like Christmas". Though its not an entirely misanthropic album I suspect there may be other tracks on there that fit the bill.
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Twelve days of Christmas by Frank Kelly.
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Thirding SOMA FM Xmas in Frisko. Pretty much every song is taking the piss out of Christmas, etc.
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How about this weird version of I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas by Stan Freberg where at the end "santa" comes down the chimney and the kid shows him where the silver is and gets a cut of it . . . .
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If chilling, funereal, unsettling, and bleak is what you're after, it's hard to top Tori Amos's cover of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas".
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St. Stephen's Day Murders - The Cheiftans with Elvis Costello
Silent Night - Damien Rice
Burn the Flames - Mark Lanegan
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Simple Plan - My Christmas List might fit in here, it's hilarious and cynical.
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dead dead dead - south park christmas classics.

and I'll happily recommend st stephen's day murders listed above
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The Christmas Party by The Walkmen
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I've always loved "Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)" by the Ramones.
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Little drummer boy performed by Low.
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Merry Christmas, Sargeant Kraulis
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Corey Taylor - X-M@$: lots of swearing and some drug and alcohol references.
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Haven't listened to this in full but Fuck That seems to fit your bill.
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King Diamond - No Presents for Christmas
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Weirdly enough, I think CRUDBUMP's "Fuck You if You Don't Like Christmas" is the most hopeful song on my anti-Christmas mix. And I love it dearly.

Seconding clavicle's recommendation of Erin McKeown's "Fuck That"--personal favorite is "Santa Is an Asshole."

Garfunkel & Oates have a couple fun Christmas songs; I suspect your taste may run to "Scary Fucked-Up Christmas."
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Still can't link on Metafilter.

Jethro Tull-Christmas Song
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Blink 182 - I Won't Be Home for Christmas
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The New Mendicants — “A Very Sorry Christmas

(The New Mendicants are Joe Pernice of the Pernice Brothers and Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake.)
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My favorite offbeat Christmas comp is It’s a Cool Cool Christmas. It may be a little uneven overall but the Grandaddy and El Vez tracks are weirdo classics in my book.
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Allan Sherman's version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

The Twelve Days After Christmas
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