How can I acquire Pelosi's red coat?
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Or, you know, one just like it. That red! That at-the-neck doublebutton closure modality! I saw it last night on the News Hour after she and Schumer got done goading the president to a frazzle and again just now in the WaPo, and now I must have it unless it's like ruinously expensive. She seems to have had it a while. Here it is yesterday, and here it is a while back.
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PEople seem to like it! Have you tried searching for 'funnelneck coat' or 'cocoon coat'? I'm not in the US so any links I get won't be that useful.
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Now I"m obsessed too! I found one article that mentioned it's from Armani.
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This is very similar, maybe a little too orange rather than rust.
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There are some Cinzia Rocca coats that are similar here and here.
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I think I saw on Twitter that it is a Carolina Herrera. One that looks like it could be it is a funnel neck coat on the Nieman Marcus website. It's out of stock and shows it was a smidge over 800 bucks.
Sorry on mobile or I'd link.
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There's a sorta similar J. Crew stadium cloth coccoon coat at Nordstrom. Differences - it has a stand up neck, but not buttons; it's a brighter red; it has pockets on the front rather than being flat.
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A search using terms like "double button," "funnel collar" and "stand collar" yielded several coats in a similar style (though not the same color, unfortunately): yet another Cinzia Rocca; the Kenneth Cole Wool Blend Seamed Walker Coat, and the Via Spiga Mid Length Stand Collar Wool Coat.

On preview: Good work, pointystick.

Sara Benincasa is apparently the one who tracked down the nearest-match Carolina Herrera coat.

Lillian Brown of The Boston Globe reports on the "fashion fact-finding mission": Nancy Pelosi and 'Big Coat Energy.'
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In the article referenced by silverstatue, Kerry Justich of Yahoo Lifestyle reports (emphasis added):
... the last time Pelosi stepped out in that exact Armani coat publicly was for former President Barack Obama’s 2013 inauguration.

One person on Twitter even suggested that the outfit choice might have been Pelosi “throwing some shade.”
(OK, enough with the "research." I'm going back to work now ...)
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It's MaxMara per the NYT. From the 2013 inauguration yes, just not Armani (the sunglasses are Armani).
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MaxMara will re-release the coat in 2019.
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I have a coat that's similar in some ways. The colour & the tall buttoned collar, but more prominent buttons & doesn't do up on the side... It's still available on the Laura website in Canada here.
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This Aritzia coat in red is also somewhat similar (I have it in gray and love it).
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Apparently, you aren't the only one. Pelosi's meme-tastic coat so popular it will be re-issued.
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I thought of this thread when I read that they are re-releasing the coat in 2019 because everyone wants it so badly. I kind of want it too now...

>Max Mara sent out an official announcement yesterday afternoon, saying that the Rust Glamis Coat, previously from their 2013 collection, will be re-released in 2019, in a "variety of colorways."
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Response by poster: Thanks, everybody! I'll probably have to find a very good knockoff because I cannot be throwing down $5,000 or whateverit'llbe for a coat. It has to have the two buttons on the neck, and it has to be left-of-center, and it has to be red/orange. The struggle continues.
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A few years ago I purchased this coat from the previous iteration of a China-based Etsy seller (the original shop closed down and it's now run by one of the old employees, but many designs appear to have remained). Now: my coat doesn't have the same hem shape and the color is wrong. But I had a good experience working with the shop on custom sizing for my coat, and I think they would be receptive to making more modifications, like sourcing a red/orange wool or outright copying the MaxMara design.
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Glamour has a list of dupes, most of which are just normal red coats, but that J. Crew stadium coat is pretty good. Here's some more at recessionista.

I would expect to see some knockoffs and iterations of that coat concept at fast-fashion places in fairly short order.
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