A little Christmas procrastination
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I’m looking for supplies for making soap, lip balm, and candles. I need basically everything— base, molds, fragrance, etc. Local is best but online with reliable rush shipping (this close to the holidays!) is OK too. I’m in the Bay Area. Any suggestions?

This is for a gift in two weeks. Like it says on the tin— any recommendations welcome!
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I do almost all my business at Sweet Cakes. They have always been reliable and competent.
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Michaels crafts sells most of the stuff....soap and candle stuff for sure.
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Wholesale Supplies Plus has everything you need.

Nthing a big craft store like Michaels, I've seen melt and pour kits there.
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Mountain Rose Herbs should have most of the supplies you're looking for. I have purchased from them once before and have seen them come well-recommended from DIYers on the internet.

They also offer expedited shipping options from Oregon!
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Juniper Tree in Berkeley?
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Best answer: Wholesale Supplies Plus is a good source but their shipping can be (usually is) slow. I’ve used them since about 2009 and I always expect it to take at least 2 weeks. This may vary depending on how far away you live from them.

(Also, I recently had a problem with them sending me a butter that was rancid, and they flat refused to entertain the idea that I might be telling the truth [in spite of me offering to send it back] until I pointed out how long I’d been a customer. I sent it back, and even then, they made me wait about three weeks for “retesting”, and then insisted it wasn’t rancid, but “we’ll credit your account anyway”. It most definitely was rancid, and I had a couple of other people smell it to confirm before I even contacted the company.)

The stuff in craft stores isn’t very good quality, so if that matters to you, I’d avoid it. The soaps can be harsh, the candle wicks don’t always work, and the fragrances generally smell chemically.

I would suggest joining a couple of Facebook soap groups, and asking there who ships quickly. I get my supplies from a variety of sources, so I can’t recommend a specific source for everything.
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