Where to get the awesomest pet presents?
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My brother and sister-in-law have two fur babies (mid-size pittie types) they completely dote on. I'd like to get them a gift and/or gift-certificate for the holidays. Where do you dog-owning folks find the best (quality, novelty, frivolity) pet supplies and/or gifts?

I'm leaning towards a gift certificate, because I don't know the particulars of what they already have and what would tickle their fancy. They like to dress the dogs up for holiday pics, so someplace that has fun pup outfits would be cool. Or the awesomest treats ever (they'd need to see the ingredients though). Or pool toys/supplies? Or other toys?

Hit me up, MeFi!
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Barkshop and Chewy
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A pit owner I know suggests yak milk chews for dogs who chew through everything.
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A lot of cool pet supply stores are local, rather than chains. A gift certificate to a nearby store might be nice. A lot of pet people are fussy about they eat, so it's a little risky to go with buying the treats yourself unless you're sure about their specifications.

P.S. Failure to pay puppy tax duly noted!
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Etsy has a lot of individual people making fun pet toys and clothes, if you’d like to let them choose their own. Alternatively depending on your budget, something like Barkbox could be fun as a rolling gift!

Chewy is also good for pet supplies.
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Seconding BarkBox; I have a few friends who subscribe and they love it SO MUCH. Every month they rave about it; the treats are high quality, and the boxes are themed (like October was Halloween but somehow made of dog puns?) and it sounds so fun! We don't have a lot of disposable income ATM or I would totally sign up for our household.

You can gift it, too--I've gifted different subscription boxes to family and friends in the past, and received them, and they're always a hit. Literally the gift that keeps on giving.
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I can never have too many bow ties for my dog! There are a million people selling them on Etsy. It's fun to have them for all different holidays/occasions.

If their dogs are chewers, I recommend Tuffy and West Paw brand toys. Lots of fun options and very durable.
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When I win the lottery that I don't play, I will buy all the dog things from Orvis.

If they struggle with loose-leash walking and aren't happy with the common solutions (Easy Walk harnesses, Gentle Leaders, etc.) send them a gift certificate to buy harnesses from Brilliant K9. Both my dogs have them and they are the best pupper money I've ever spent.
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Midsize pittie outfits can be found at the Tooth & Honey Etsy shop and website (on mobile, hard to link, sorry). Their clothing (which is well made, nice fabric, reasonably priced) is made specifically for barrel-chested dogs, like Pitts and Rottie.
You can even get matching dog-human sweaters, if you were into that sort of thing🐶.
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I've heard rumors of squeaky toys that squeak at a frequency humans can't hear but that dogs can. There is a local chain that supposedly has them, but I bet they are other places, too.
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I've heard rumors of squeaky toys that squeak at a frequency humans can't hear but that dogs can.

I recently saw a bunch of toys with tags touting this feature at Target.
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I've heard rumors of squeaky toys that squeak at a frequency humans can't hear but that dogs can.

I've gotten these at Amazon - the brand is Hear Doggy. My dogs can confirm that they work and they're kind of the best thing ever.
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