No, no, no to notifications!
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Periodically, Firefox and Safari ask me if I would like to allow notifications from the web site I'm visiting. My answer is "No, not now, and not ever." How can I tell my browsers to ignore these requests?

Bonus Round: Same question, except for location information.

I'm on OS X 10.13.6 with current Safari; FireFox is 63.0.
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This looks like the info you are looking for: Block website push notification requests on Safari, Chrome and Firefox
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You can now do this in firefox without needing the above about:config changes (at least on windows, I assume mac is the same):

Under Options->Privacy & Security, click the Settings button next to Notifications.
Check "Block new requests asking to allow notifications"

There is a similar checkbox under location settings
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Keep in mind that in addition to this setting, there are also advertisements that look a great deal like these kind of notifications, that won't be blocked by the above configuration change. The link I provided suggests that "Fanboy's Annoyances List" -- within uBlock Origin, and other places -- will help block them.
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thanks for asking this; it's a peeve of mine, as well.
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Aha! thank you all.
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Thanks so much for this question & answers.
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