Favorite Brand Of Opaque Tights?
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Or other sorts of semi-consumables. That is, I'm Christmas shopping, and I'm looking at the 'socks and underwear' area. I don't want to get my college-age daughter socks, because socks seem to be a thing in her peer group, and she has a horrifying, baffling oversupply of socks in various designs. But everyone always needs tights. So, I'm looking for the kind of brand where you're paying twice as much, but they last twice as long, or ideally you're paying 50% more and they last four times as long. Any favorite brands? And generally, what are other presents in that category?

That is, "socks and underwear" work as Christmas presents because while they're kind of dull, they wear out so people always need them. My ex used to give cheap earbuds as stocking stuffers for the same reason -- they get lost, they break, and so on. Is there anything else in that same sort of utilitarian semi-consumable category?
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Best answer: Danskin tights, the kind made for dancers, can take a beating and last forever without running. Actually, anything marketed toward dancers should be high quality and hard to wear out.
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They're pricy, but I love Spanx. Just as your young daughter may not, I don't always need the slimming feature all that much, but they fit so well and are high-quality. The ones I own have lasted at least 3 years. They have different patterns, colors and weights.

Liquid-look and faux leather leggings are in right now, so she may like those. There are several different brands on the market, including Spanx. Another favorite for tights is HUE. I discovered them earlier this year so I can't speak for extreme durability, but I wash/wear them pretty frequently and they're holding up.
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Wolford and Spanx!
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Best answer: Wolford and Danskin
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Believe it or not, No Nonsense tights are great. And cheap. They last me for years.
The bad part is that they can be hard to find, and their website is chronically understocked.
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No recommendation for brands, but just to say that for content I find that about 89% nylon and 11% spandex to be the sweet spot for tight fabric content, which makes them stretchy enough to be comfortable but not so stretchy that they don't go back to shape after wearing a bunch of times. This also seems to be a key ratio for them to not run so easily.

I used to swear by the American Apparel opaque tights but they have switched them somewhat since their post-bankruptcy relaunch and they're not QUITE what they used to be before, which was perfect and stretchy and practically indestructible. Now they're good enough, stretchy and I somehow got a run in the top part (which is a different fabric than the legs themselves) the first time I wore them. Note, however, that the content listed on their website (100% nylon) is wrong - they're still 89%/11%.
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I bought some Spanx tights from TK Maxx and wish I'd bought seven pairs.

I've heard good things about Heist tights as well. I am tall with curvy thighs and hips, so will try out either those or Snag.
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Best answer: My Wolford tights are so much, noticeably better than all my other tights.
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Best answer: Wolford and Falke are my preferred brands. Falke does especially nice and sturdy cashmere and merino tights.
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Best answer: Another voice for Wolfold here. The velvet 66 and Mat 80s are my favorites.
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In addition to tights and earbuds, other gifts that fall in to this category might be:
-Sports bras
-Refills of your daughter's higher-end preferred fancy shampoo/conditioner/soap/lotion (rather than just the cheap stuff)
-New pillow for bed (I NEVER replaced mine in college...or in grad school because I was always too broke and it never seemed like a "need")
-stamps and laundry quarters for stocking stuffers
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I bought a couple of pairs of the Uniqlo Heattech tights in herringbone and cable knit designs for last winter - they wore really well and I got compliments on them.
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Best answer: I have these knitted Heattech leggings from Uniqlo and they are so warm and soft and cozy. (They are opaque, but I use them like tights--in other words I wouldn't try to sub them for pants because the knit is a little bit open.) I wash them in the machine in a lingerie bag on the delicate cycle and hang them to dry, and they've held up well.
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Best answer: Wolford, definitely.
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Best answer: I just bought these Blackout tights from Target and they are amazing. Super thick and dark, and only $8! Plus they have a nice comfy waistband that stays up and doesn't bind or fall down.
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Best answer: I love Commando's opaque black tights. I am tall (5'9") and these are the only ones that reliably have enough length in the legs. They are also SUPER black.

Other things I would love to have someone else notice needing replacing, if not yearly, then at least every few years:
-flip flops (which I wear around the house instead of slippers in the summer, and your daughter may use for showers)
-a robe
-pajamas (the kind that match!)
-sneaker laces
-inexpensive hats and gloves that I don't care about losing (for cold climates)
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Best answer: I have bought SO MANY tights in the past two years and these tights are hands down the most comfortable and low maintenance tights I own. I have only had them a few months so I can't speak to their longevity but in my experience, I haven't had better luck with more expensive tights lasting longer.

Seriously, I'm thinking about just packing up all my other tights so I don't accidentally choose tights that aren't these tights. They are that good.
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Best answer: Seconding pajama sets -- ones that are heavy enough to be seen in by roommates/roommates' overnight guests/friends parents are socially very handy, and ones that are that heavy but also soft enough to be comfy right away are a bit expensive and hard to find. Unless she likes flannel, in which case the good ones are a bit expensive but not hard to find.
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Best answer: Our college-age student workers are all about two kinds of tights this fall:

Hue Tights, and Memoi Sweater Tights, particularly the plaid and buffalo check sweater tights.
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If you're ok with a gift card, Arie is popular with that demographic and would let her get things like underwear that she might not want to receive as a physical gift.
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Best answer: Phone charging cables in bright colors are ever useful.
Hair doodads - clips, elastics, hairbands
Small mesh or plastic zippered bags for makeup and purse stuff
1st aid kit - tylenol, advil, bandaids, thermometer
cheap multitool for her car. Expensive multitools (one tool with pliers, screwdrivers, etc) are great, but in my experience, if a guy helps me with my car, he will leave with my multitool. So I buy cheap ones so I have one in the car, kitchen, basement, etc.
I have a little flashlight that plugs in to my cigarette lighter to charge, so I *always* have a charged flashlight, and it is super-useful.
Sox - I was given a set of patterned socks in bright colors, and I wear them mixed, and this pleases me.
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Wolford, yeah, amazing tights. They are indestructible.

But I tried Uniqlo this year (for way less $$), and was pleasantly surprised, they were so much softer and looked great, I may be switching!
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I also wish I could still say American Apparel-- because ALL of my pairs are still going strong, even 8 years after buying them. Haven't bought a pair of tights in years because they are all still in perfect condition. But I do get those Uniqlo Heattech leggings, and they are soft and wonderful. I find they pill a tiny bit though after awhile, but they are otherwise great.
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I know you marked this solved but I couldn't let this pass without telling you about Heist.

TRULY TRULY quality and amazing. Buy a few pairs. She'll want them.
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