Above the Treetops I Can See More Music
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I am looking for ghostly, otherworldly, cross cultural music/songs similar to Above the Treetops. I want to use additional music with ATT in a lengthly slideshow presentation.
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You might like Jeremy Dutcher's piece "Mehcinut." Official audio here; much longer live version here. Dutcher is a classically trained opera singer and musicologist who composed this piece that combines Western opera and old wax cylinder recordings of traditional Maliseet songs (he is a Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) member of the Tobique First Nation in North-West New Brunswick). The live version I linked to is from the Polaris Prize broadcast--he won the 2018 Polaris for the album this song is from.

This is not at all the kind of music I normally listen to, and in fact I often find the Polaris Prize winners a little too inaccessible, but I've been listening to this constantly since hearing it on the CBC. It's otherworldly and gorgeous, a really powerful piece.
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I got some strong Dead Can Dance vibes from your link.
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There are a lot of potential tracks in David Bridie's oeuvre. eg: Cockatoo, Talk mister nation, Tatabai (with George Telek). Check out his mid 1980s stuff too when he was working a lot with musicians and influences from West Papua.
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Selwa This whole album is hypnotic. Cholyan Dohlma, a Tibetan nun and Steve Tibbets. The clip I included makes me hallucinate.
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Bill Laswell: Thunupa, Ethiopia
DJ Cheb I Sabbah: Tum Bin Shyam
Mystic Rhythms Band: Gesso's Guitar Song
Stefano Saletti & Piccola Banda Ikona: Tagama
Michalis Koumbios: Astradeni
Can: Last Night Sleep
Musafir: Badila
Amir Yaghmai & The Gaslamp Killer: Nissim
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