Gasoline Shelf Life
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What is the shelf life of the gasoline/oil mix that is used in 2 stroke engines? I use my chain saw 2-3 times a year and mixing fresh gas/oil mix every time is both wasteful and creates a disposal problem. How often should the gasoline in my emergency generator be changed?
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You can use a fuel stabilizer to prevent things from gooing up in there.

The first couple years I had my 2 stroke jetski, though I had no real problems, it was a bit hard to get started after sitting all winter -- I didn't drain the gas or run it dry or anything. After finding finding out about this stuff, it always started up right away, even after almost two years (missed a season with injury.)
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I think you will find a lot of useful info in this previous question: Can I horde gasoline?
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You don't have to dispose of the oil/gas mix; you can use it in your car without ill effect. (The small amount of oil mixed with a full tank of gas isn't going to bother your engine or create smelly fumes.)

For the chainsaw, if that's the only 2-stroke machine you use, I would mix a small batch of fresh whenever needed, then chuck it into the vehicle. I find that any gasoline purchased over 30 days ago increases the difficulty of starting any yard machine; fuel stabilizer helps, but isn't a magic keep-forever card. The smaller the engine, the bigger the problem this is.

For the generator, your manufacturer's recommendations would be best -- I know some people run theirs regularly just as maintenance, but I don't know that they have to burn off the entire supply of fuel. You don't want the thing to be gummed up at the time that you need it.
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Gasoline is good for 6 months to a year. You may get away with a bit longer if you use fuel stabilizer but I wouldn't bank on it, although it will probably stop the gas from turning to wax in the carburettor or air filter.

Diesel lasts way longer.

I tend to run my generator etc to empty before winter.

Diesel engines, however, should never be run dry as they are a nightmare to re-pressurise. (Most people who own a diesel tractor have run it dry exactly once).
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I have used gas/oil mix several years after it was bought. No adverse effect on the saws as far as I know. This was gas of the type you buy pre-mixed for low toxicity of the exhausts.
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