Searching for a Wide-mouth Thermos
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My brother has asked for (and, let's be real, I'd totally get one for myself, too) a thermos with a mouth wide enough to fit his hand in to wash it. I assume this is for beverages, and Thermos brand is not a requirement. Has anyone encountered this unicorn product?
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The top of this is quite wide and makes it easy to clean. Whether your whole hand would fit inside I guess depends on the size of your hand.
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How about a soup flask? Alternatively, you could get a standard thermos and a dish brush.
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Depending upon the size of the hand, I would suggest something like this. But, a cheap bottle brush from the kid's section at Target does wonders.
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I have a HydroFlask and I love it; I use it way more than my branded Thermos. It keeps coffee burning hot forever, I’d guess cold stuff cold but haven’t tried it. Mine is small, so I can’t vouch for the opening on this wide-mouth version, but if you have a food coop or Whole Foods nearby they usually sell them and you could check in person.
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i think you have to search for "food thermos" to get wide options. i like the one from Stanley:
wirecutter has a few suggestions as well:
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I have this 24 oz'r from Contigo and it works really well and has a cylindrical bore, so no annoying curves/crannies to clean around. My hand doesn't quite fit, but my hands are huge and lanky so I'm used to that. I bet average-sized human hands could slide right in.
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