Non-standard Z-Pak dosing schedule
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I'm about to start taking a Z-Pak (azithromycin) for a sinus infection and I thought I had read somewhere that there's a more effective dosing schedule than the standard "2 on day one, then 1 per day." Am I wrong?
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I haven't heard of that, but my husband took a z pack last week for bronchitis and it is amazing how fast it worked. This is the second one for him in the past couple of years, and it always works like a miracle. The docs have never told him anything different for dosing but we are not 'in the know' so to speak. Feel better try tea and Emergencee seemed to help too.
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No, the standard is correct. You can get different schedules that are also effective but are easier in terms of compliance but they don’t use those for sinus infections, but instead for STDs where compliance is incredibly low.

I’m not a doctor but I have a lot of sinus infections.
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The only non-standard schedule I’ve had with z-paks and sinus infections is that my doctor usually has me take a second zpak after finishing the first one.
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If your doctor had wanted you to use a non-standard schedule, they would have told you. In the absence of a compelling reason to deviate—which Internet People saying, "Oh yeah, I heard it works better if you do this" definitely is not—you should stick to the standard. Azithromycin is generally very quick and effective for upper respiratory infections when taken as normal, why mess with that?
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There is a 500 mg x 3 days dosing schedule (Tri-Pak), which can be used for strep pharyngitis and COPD exacerbations -- not bacterial sinusitis -- but I have yet to see anything suggesting that it is more effective than the Z-Pak 5 day schedule.

Dosing schedules, especially for antibiotics, are usually carefully designed based on the drug's killing capability and the likelihood of inducing resistance, so don't mess with them unless your doctor and pharmacist both tell you to.

(Obviously, this is not medical advice, except for the part about antibiotic resistance, I am totally ok with calling that medical advice if it helps avoid another nightmare bacteria.)
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I was just about to say what basalganglia said. You're probably thinking of 500mg daily x3 days.

According to this the 5 day vs the 3 day is basically identical so go with the 5 day as prescribed.
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Thanks, all! I'm sticking with the standard regimen.
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FYI, I took a Z pack for a sinus infection and it didn't heal it -- and then I spoke with a specialist and she told me that Z packs are only about 40% effective for infections above the neck (aka sinus). So you might want to explore Amoxicillin or another type of antibiotic. Good luck!
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