More music like Daughter?
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I ADORE the latest (2016) Daughter album. What else would I like? More of my taste inside.

I have a very eclectic taste (Of Monsters and Men, Pink Floyd, Ghost, Nirvana, Halsey, AFI, Dreamcar, the list goes on).

But I've been highly obsessed with the latest album from Daughter, Not to Disappear. (They also did a ton of soundtrack for Life is Strange: Before the Storm and I have a couple of those songs, plus their older work.)

I think what I love is women's vocals, it's a bit ethereal and fills a space, layering of sounds, there's a lot of emotion, but the beats and music are FANTASTIC! (I especially love the rebellious song No Care.) It gives a huge amount of atmosphere.

What else would I like? What else could fit right into a Life is Strange soundtrack?

For example I would compare it to Of Monsters and Men in a way but with more emotion. This is such a weird genre of "alternative" or something.

iTunes won't quit recommending Radiohead, The 1975, and The XX which are all a bit nope.
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Just listening to them a little on YouTube, my first thought was of the song "Clair de Lune" by Flight Facilities, which coincidentally inspired this recent Ask. But seeing that they're on 4AD called to mind some early work by His Name is Alive.
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I'd be curious what you'd think of Big Thief if you haven't heard them! Extremely stark songwriting - captivating, often violent.. sometimes they're too much for me, and other times expressive in this very vital way. In terms of atmosphere, "Not" is totally remarkable imo.
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Daughter really does make wonderful music. I'm excited to see what people recommend.


Julien Baker - Something. The song that I immediately thought of when I read your ask. She makes music that is slower paced than a lot of Daughter's work but remarkably compelling and definitely lowkey ethereal.

Warpaint - Baby. Less produced but Daughter-esque.

Zola Jesus - Skin. Atmospheric.

Cold Specks- Blank Maps. This song might fit the Monsters and Men plus complexity need.

Phoebe Bridgers - Georgia. Not her best known song but it may suit you.

Also Florence and the Machine, perhaps just not the radio singles?
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Response by poster: Also I clicked on a new self titled album from Ex:Re and went, wait... I know this voice! And yup. It's from Elena Tonra, the lead singer of Daughter. So if anyone else loves her voice.. there's a new solo project!
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The Innocence Mission.

The Paper Kites. (Although most vocals are male, many are male/female harmony and some are female lead.) Their album States is the most ethereal.

Lykke Li’s album I Never Learn.
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Maybe Emma Ruth Rundle or Emmy Curl?
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Liz Durrett will make your heart stop

Cup on the Counter

All the Spokes
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