Can you tell me what it says on this Russian snuff box from 1820?
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Can you tell me what it says on this Russian snuff box from 1820?

Images here:
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Ugh, sorry. link: images
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So, my Russian isn't the greatest, but since no one's answered I'll give it a shot:

The bottom says МИРЪ ЕВРОПЫ - Peace to Europe

The left and right seem like they're cut off, but I think they may be part of some phrase that would be familiar to the intended audience. The left:

?вое - a suffix, could be a lot of things
тве - same as above
спас - saved, or maybe part of a longer word like savior/safety
евро - Europe again, cut off at the end?

The right:

тво(е) - your
побе - победа is victory
прео - not sure
мир - peace (old-school i)

So I'm guessing it's some sort of commemoration of the war of 1812. A historian, or someone familiar with older Russian writing, or even a fluent Russian speaker would probably have better luck than I.
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My native speaker/reader spouse had similar problems only making out the same as Alexei. It is older script and because it is etched in the metal it is pretty imprecise. Sorry!
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That's as much as I got, it's not the full inscription in the photos.
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Hmm, interesting. I wonder if it's some sort of imprecise copy of another piece of art or commemorative image. At least I have some starting points for more research (and now I know it's not a wedding gift)!
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Aha! This is what I found searching with the phrase "Emperor Alexander Brings Peace to Europe". Not helpful for the text on the columns but now I know what the image references.
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Here's a similar engraving. It looks like the text on the columns was meant to be incomplete, though there's more here.
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Ooh, that last one clearly has more written on the side, which the original was a fragment of. Unfortunately the resolution makes it hard to decipher, but using the first image as a key, I think I got most of it:
Твою Твор?тию Спасена Европа
Твоими Победам Приобритёнъ Миръ
The grammar seems weird, maybe I'm getting some letters wrong or maybe it's archaic or something. But I'm about 90% sure that the gist of it is:
By Your Creation is Saved Europe
By Your Victories is Acquired Peace
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