Name that tune: firefly girl beast edition
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I want to find a song I heard in the afternoon/evening of either Dec 4 or 5 on the radio in Houston. Male singer. Lyrics mention a firefly, there’s a big style shift near the end, and then it’s something about a girl finding a beast with its horn (?). Sounded like something very recent, definitely had some electronic influences.

I only caught part of it while in crazy traffic for hours and going through all of the stations to find something to keep myself sane. Instead, I heard this and can’t remember enough to find it again. I thought it was on KPFT but nothing on the schedule seems to fit.
It is not:
Owl City
Mura Masa
Ed Sheeran
Childish Gambino
The Coral
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Gabriel Garzon-Montano has a track called Fruitflies, gets darker and heavier near the end, electronic, but not sure where the girl and the beast and the horn might fit. There's a wolf in there.
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I guess you looked at the KPFT playlists for those days. I didn't see anything there that looked promising.

Could it have been KTRU?
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Robyn Hitchcock's I Feel Beautiful?
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A bit of a long shot, but it's not this, is it?
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This is assuming you misheard and/or misremembered, but perhaps Of Monsters and Men. - Dirty Paws?
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Owl City, Fireflies?

EDIT: Oops, didn't see them on your list. Disregard!
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That "beast with its horn' phrase is straight out of Leonard Cohen's "Like a Bird on a Wire," which alas sounds like your description in no other respect. Maybe an altered live performance? Maybe an altered cover?
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Before his 1970 Isle of Wight performance of "Like a Bird on a Wire" Cohen asked the audience to light matches and said they looked like fireflies. That makes two of the characteristics you mentioned. It is the first song on this concert recording.
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sacrifix, you have some kind of magical powers! I just listened to the whole thing and it’s actually a dragonfly and there’s no horn and it’s not really electronic. Honestly I’m not sure how you did it!

chavenet, you correctly intuited that they also played Robyn Hitchcock!

ckridge, that’s one of my favorite songs :)

And you all deserve recognition for tracking down something that matched my addled description.
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I owe it all to reading Ask immediately after waking up!
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