What do I get when I download my Facebook ?
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My favorite four kitten and science groups on FB have started banning users they think are using fake names, and FB itself is asking for PG rated material only (suiciding like Tumblr). Is my ten year download of content just going to be unreadable crap like my old AOL mail?
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If you're looking for suggestions about downloading your photographs, this recent explainer from ResearchBuzz is very helpful.
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No, it won't. When you download your Facebook archive, you'll get a zip file with a bunch of folders inside. My download, for example, contains these folders:
- html
- messages
- photos
- videos

The HTML folder contains items such as your contact list (along with their phone numbers and/or email addresses), your Facebook timeline, active Facebook sessions, events that you've responded to, and Messenger conversations.
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Is there a reason that you haven't just downloaded the backup yourself to see?
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I was shocked at how comprehensive and readable all my FB data was. Go for it!
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Been running 2900 mph with no access to a real computer; trying to see if budgeting time to do it rather than file / save as was faster. Thanks.
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