Just a little Kiss
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I want to buy a small but good quality poster of a popularly reproduced painting. I'm Googled out.

Specifically, I want to buy a small poster of The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. This is an endlessly reproduced painting found on everything from jewelry boxes to postcards. But what I want is a small poster -- something about 10" to 15" in height (and obviously whatever width that entails.)
In the past, when I have bought a print from an individual seller, there has been a risk of really poor quality. Like, they just printed it at home on their $29 deskjet from Best Buy and stuck it in a paper towel tube.
I want a high quality reproduction that won't dominate a room. If anyone has a link to a known reputable source to buy such a thing that would be great.
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I would trust MOMA.
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Perfect. So fast! Thank you!
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MOMA is a good bet. If you want a second option, I recently bought a giclee poster on Amazon from Lantern Press. The print quality was good. Of course they have The Kiss. They seem to have every popular art image I can think of and can print them in a variety of sizes and formats.
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